Ikat Crossbody bag - MAUMERE NO. 49


This crossbody bag is made from an upcycled sarong from Maumere, a small city in the island of Flores, Indonesia. The sarong is the traditional tubular cloth wrapped around the waist worn by men and women. They are made using the IKAT dyeing technique to pattern textiles, and then hand woven using a back strap loom. The whole process can take up to several months, depending on the dyes used, the patterns, and the precision of the weaver.



Leather trim to add structure and endurance to the bag.
Leather overlap covering front zipper pocket.
Adjustable leather strap to match your needs.
Exterior: Back slide pocket with magnet snap and front zipper pocket.
Interior: zipper pocket.
Measurements: 24x18x4 cm


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