Behind Dorotea Gale stands Dewi, who grew up in a blend of cultures and lifestyles. Tied to the island of Bali, she was inspired when she discovered the beauty of the traditional textiles from all over the Indonesian Archipelago.





Dorotea Gale was founded in order to appreciate and promote that form of art developed over centuries and nowadays is part of our cultural heritage. Because Ikat and batik are not patterns but skillfull techniques used to create and decorate a piece of cloth.






We work to empower the customer by giving them the opportunity to make a conscious purchase and support world’s diversity and equity. Our mission is to connect people with the items they use by offering products with a story behind them. Because when we connect emotionally with something we appreciate it and keep it longer.





We don’t have hundreds of items in stock because we don’t believe in over production. We believe in quality products and craftmanship. We work with love and attention in all the small details because it is something that is transmitted to our products. Every item is carefully designed to be as beautiful and practical as possible because, after all, things become alive only when they are used.






Indonesian traditional textiles are among the world’s best. Their quality, techniques, meanings and beauty are impressive. And yet relatively unknown.


Sustainable fashion. Hand woven. Handmade bags. Weekenders. Ikat. Traditional Textiles. Culture of local communities.