These Summer Days.

Summer is here and we couldn't help but put together this look for those sunny days at the beach! Less is definitely more when you are heading out for a long day on the sand- let your bathing suit be the focus point of your beach look, then add a few other elements to tone it down like a neutral cover-up and easy to wear jewellery. We here at Dorotea Gale are all about that easy going lifestyle, so we hope you enjoy what we've put together for you!


First we have this Bona Drag Sea Vortex swim suit- it's one of the most flattering shapes we found on the market and has a cool, fresh print which will take your look to a whole new level. Turns out the term Bona Drag means 'nice outfit'- that's definitely something you'll be hearing when putting this gorgeous piece on!


Serrv is a brand that has been around since 1949, and was a founding member of both the World Fair Trade Organization and the Fair Trade Federation, Throughout their range you'll find soft cotton pieces like this gorgeous crocheted floral sweater which can be used as a  cover-up, an element great for adding a little extra something to your outfit while still being able to show off your swim-suit underneath! 

We found this pair of sandals at fashion-conscience, a UK-based company formed in 2007 under the prerogative of  sourcing ethical, stylish clothing for women. These Cary sandals are fairly made in Kenya and we love their simple style and soft, chocolate tones. 


Our Dorotea Gale carry-all was designed to cater for all occasions, especially days when you need a lot of things on hand! Featuring three open and deep side pockets alongside an interior large enough to be a weekender, you can throw in and easily access your beach towel, sunscreen, cover-up. water, a book to read on the sand.... you name it! The blue hues on the ikat we used from Jepara compliment any outfit without being too over-bearing.


The finishing touches to any look are all in the small details. If you still want to add a bit of jewellery to your beach outfit, better make sure they're no-fuss pieces such as this 'Jetsetter' Fair Trade Winds Bracelet. It's part of a brand new collaboration with Faire Collection and their artisans in Ecuador. The brown and gold tones will blend into your outfit effortlessly, while still adding a special element to take this look to a whole new level.  The bracelet is made from fool’s gold, brass beads and lagrima seeds from the Amazon.


Earrings always bring a little extra something to an outfit. This beautiful pair from Mujus are shaped like little dewdrops and are a pop of colour which are somehow both subtle and dramatic at the same time. We love how Muju's signature material is the tagua seed, also known as vegetable ivory. After the tagua fruit falls from a palm tree in the rainforest, it is collected and cared to by local communities for up to eight months! The seed then becomes hard and ivory like. This process means no two earrings are alike.


Now, pop on that sun-screen and you're ready to head out!




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