Look of the Week- Casual Chic.

To us here at Dorotea Gale, casual chic means putting together incredibly comfortable pieces together for a casual yet stylish look. A look perfect for coffee dates with friends, errand days and of course, casual strolls in exotic destinations. This look can take you anywhere. This is a kind of 'yes, yes I did just roll out of bed looking this amazing' kind of vibe. Pull this look off with a few classic wardrobe staples and  a couple of unique, statement pieces. Of course, top it off with confidence! 


Here's our list of brands and pieces we're loving lately:

1. Mud Jeans are a dutch brand revitalising the denim industry. They up-cycle denim by turning an old pair of jeans into a new pair, made completely from sustainable materials. All of their pieces are one of a kind, and beyond repair items are recycled into other pieces such as a sweater or t-shirt. We love this versatile pair, which combines such an  effortless mix of comfort and style. 


2.  We love Modo initiatives such as producing frames with recycled content, planting tress for every frame sold, and giving free spectacles to those in need in their buy a frame, give a frame campaign. We love the vintage feel to these Dubai frames, our pick from their Eco brand- the only eyewear brand made of 95% recycled content and 63% biobased material.

3. The soft grey and relaxed fit of this oversized Kowtow top is perfect for that weekend brunch or casual coffee date. While over-sized, Kowtow uses detailing such as short sleeves, twisted side seams and an undulated hem line to keep the shape feminine. Kowtow uses certified fair trade organic cotton in all their pieces, which makes us love this brand even more than for just their clean cut, classic pieces.


4. Dorotea Gale Tote - our Hunter Green Dorotea Tote was designed to be your handy everyday bag, using high quality durable fabrics and handy clasp closured to create a bag forever reliable. The handwoven Ikat fabric gives the bag its extra piece of uniqueness, as it is not possible to make more than two the same. 


5. These Mont Blanc Sandals by Free People is the casual chic dream pair. Hand crafted in Spain, these simple and versatile sandals have just the amount of quirk to add a bit of personality to an outfit.