By Saerah Dewi

We're very lucky here in Jakarta to live so close to our very own (well, unfortunately not literally ours- it just feels like our very own) open batik craft workshop, nestled nicely in the garden at the back of the Museum Tekstil.  We find it to be one of the more quiet and peaceful spots you can find here in this city, where people can come and enjoy the garden, the textiles, and simply just be. The museum is quite small, but the garden is  luscious, and the batik area very well equipped and well accustomed to giving guidance to newcomers and those with more experience. A LOT of experience- we've seen some pretty great works in the making here, not by professionals, but just very committed enthusiasts.

While the workshops are very often quite busy, the work at hand requires a lot of concentration and focus, adding to the tranquility. Minds and hands are buzzing with activity, but the intense concentration has a very calming effect on the whole room. Dewi Cristina and I made a Saturday trip there last weekend for some crafty times, and we both agreed upon the calming, meditative effects of focusing on one thing, just one thing. Working with a melted pot of hot wax definitely forces you to be in the moment!

While we definitely need to work on a more complete post about the textile museum here, let me share with you now this fantastic infographic Dewi Cristina was nice enough to make for all of us, with some photos we took on the day. We got a little creative with the Dorotea Gale logo, as you can see. Mine's the slightly messier one, which may or may not be indicative of our personality types...

Hope you enjoy guys!

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