By Saerah Dewi

It’s no secret that our lives here at Dorotea Gale revolve around textiles morning, afternoon, and night. If it were meant to be a secret, we certainly would not be able to keep it for very long! The word ‘obsessed’ comes to mind, but we prefer to stick to ‘passionate’. With any type of obsessi-um, passion, it’s incredibly easy to get swept up in the moment and lose track of time so, Dewi Cristina and I effortlessly spent most of Thursday happily roaming the halls of the quite magical Inacraft 2015, the 17th Jakarta National International Handicraft Trade Fair.


Located smack bang in the middle of the bustling city, Inacraft was a mini haven of beautiful products from wooden goods, to textiles, and to modern, innovative products showcasing the resurge of creativity within the archipelago of Indonesia. The talent pool was huge, and the energy electric- while it was of course as busy and bustling as one would expect, I truly did not see one unhappy or bored face throughout the course of the (many) hours we spent there. It was great to spend time in the company of like minds, with people just as enthusiastic about the creative diversity of Indonesia as we are.

It’s always obvious before walking into one of these things how overwhelming the crowd will be, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to prepare oneself for the never ending rainbow of colours and patterns which hit you right upon arrival. The piles of fabric, the gently cascading fall of pieces which have been elegantly draped, the mannequins strapped into their respective fashion piece for the day…yep, it’s a lot.

It’s a complete mental overload, trying to decide which way to go next. I’ve always been the kind of person to get distracted very easily by something I see in the distance and will head there right away instead of sticking to the planned path. Luckily I was with Dewi Cristina though, who has a very regimented, ‘this way then that way’ strategic approach to make sure we saw everything. Really, looking at the floor plan map before entering was like making a tactical battle manoeuvre. 

Pattern and colour aside, I think well orchestrated events like Inacraft are an amazing way to showcase the crafts of Indonesia to a whole new level, and for small businesses to platform their work to an audience who they may not have the opportunity to approach otherwise. We're looking forward to showcasing some of the fashion and brands that we saw on the day, so keep a watch out for that!

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