By Dewi Cristina


What makes our products unique are the handmade textiles we use for each design. Being hand dyed or hand woven, they have the unique imperfections which characterise objects which have not been mass made or machine produced.


It’s, as we like to call it, the perfection of the imperfection. For example, it’s more than normal to find a small knot or lump in many (if not all) of hand woven fabrics. As a piece of thread is not infinite, at some point the weaver must link one piece to another. So, while some people may see a lump or an out of place knot, we see the delicate way that a weaver has tied two tiny, barely visible pieces of string together to continue to create a beautiful textile piece. That tiny, barely there knot, however seemingly insignificant, actually powerfully holds the piece together.

 So, every loose thread you find in a hand woven fabric is connected to another, holding the piece strongly together. That's why you should never pull them out. Simply cut the threads with a pair of scissors instead.


The batik we use for the cushion covers and some bag linings are also a good example. In the batik cap technique, the pattern is made using a copper stamp to apply hot wax above the cotton cloth. Then, the whole cloth is submerged in the dye so only the areas covered with wax keep the original colour of the cloth. Every step is done manually, so it's quite common to find a slight blemish that represents an imperfection in a perfect handmade fabric.


Every kind of fabric is different and needs to be cared for in a different way. A deeper level of understanding of fabrics and their characteristics is, believe us, quite interesting but even more, it will prolong the life span of your belongings.


There’s an endless amount of information out there, too much for any one person to go through in their free time. With that in mind we'd like to share this great info-graphic we came across called "How to take care of every fabric in your closet". It's great to have a quick look at when you are not very sure about how to wash certain clothes or household items. We would definitely print and laminate it, but fortunately we can just Pin it! 

Courtesy of: Alight

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