By Saerah Dewi

First, let me say a huuuge public thank you to Dewi Cristina for holding up the fort here in Jakarta while I consumed my weight in bread, wine and cheese in Spain for three weeks. It was my first time travelling to that part of the world, and was lucky enough to see a little bit of Portugal, too. It was an absolute whirlwind, and am so very grateful I had the chance to go! From the magical streets of Barcelona to the hills of the medieval town of Toledo, every second was an adventure.


Travelling from Jakarta meant plane hopping across 4 countries, with 2 short and 2 long haul flights- and, the same on my way back! Lucky I like flying- I mean, what other time is it perfectly acceptable to sit back and relax for 10+ hours with an endless supply of movies while food is delivered to your seat? 

With a travelling time for over 72 hours though, a survival kit was necessary. My go-to travel bag is the Dorotea Tote, hands down.


Not only is it light, practical and durable, the bag is super spacious and fits everything I could want easily inside, while still being able to fit under the seat in front me with all my travel goodies easily within reach.


←   Here's my 'could not live without' tote bag- the Dorotea tote.


I travel pretty heavy, too- always with a laptop (how else will I catch up on House of Cards?), and recently I've taken command of the boyfriend's Canon Camera, too. These are also two things that I wouldn't, couldn't ever put into checked baggage- it's bad enough worrying about the state of my travel shampoo in there.


 Then of course, there's the toiletry kit. After all, facing 72 hours without access to a shower means having to be prepared. Very prepared.  A toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant seem like a no-brainer but they're way too important not to mention. These guys are a lifeline. That with little things like  a hairbrush, lip-balm and a little tube of moisturiser, the flight's a breeze. Not a super refreshing one, but you know what I mean.


A cardigan and a cute pair of socks are essential for me to get comfortable, too. Tell me, do you guys keep your shoes on during a flight? I see people do that for an 8+ hour duration and I'll never be able to understand how. For me it's shoes off, plane socks on, sit back and relax.  I'm all about comfort, so travel for me means a slouchy pair of jeans and a baggy shirt, essentially a pair of pyjamas deemed acceptable to be seen in, in public. Luckily, the messy 'I woke up like this' plane hair pairs quite perfectly with said outfit of choice.

Being unable to live without my laptop aside, for me travel survival means having to haul the absolute minimum. I only ever bring one carry-on bag and one checked in suitcase- I choose a bag that's big enough for travel, but not so big it's a chore to lug around during everyday activity once I reach my destination. 


Well, that's it for me today folks, but will hopefully get the time soon to share more Spain + Portugal photos! Here's one on top of a look-out in the medieval town of Toledo. A sight worth travelling for, no doubt.


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Adiós chicos! xxx

Saerah Dewi

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