By Dewi Cristina

We have been working a lot this month. Well, not all of us. Saerah Dewi spent the month travelling through Spain and she spent more time eating, drinking and visiting wonderful people and places than actually working. But what can we say!! That´s what you are supposed to do when you are travelling, isn't? And here we are, waiting for her to come back and tell us all about her adventures in Europe and, of course, all the amazing food she'll be bringing! :)


Well, all of that is just to say that the work here in Jakarta has been a little bit overwhelming so I didn't have the time to write this post earlier. And I really wanted to do it to introduce you to this beautiful vintage fabric I bought visiting Flores.


We bought it in Ende, a city that feels more like a town. Ende is the second biggest city on the island of Flores, but its population is only around 60.000. There is an ikat street market close to the sea port, full of vibrant new and vintage ikat fabrics.


After looking around for a while, I couldn’t resist falling in love with this one. The colours, the pattern and the texture were perfect. It was originally a sarong, so its shape is like a large tube worn by women wrapped around their waists. In fact, I was pretty amazed at how  the sarong is still commonly used by people in Flores. And I saw a way of wearing it that was completely new for me: instead of being wrapped around the waist and worn as a skirt, many men and women wrapped it around their shoulders, wearing it as a dress, leaving just an arm uncovered.


This ikat is about 75 years old, so the  motifs are pretty rare nowadays. You can see the detailed pattern and the small motifs that show just how  intrincate the design is.


It was dyed with natural colours, using indigo leaves for the blue/black colours and morinda roots for the red palette.


It was quite difficult to take a picture of the whole fabric (it is almost 2 meters long), so the quality is not great. But you can see in the close up above the expertise of the weaver who made it a few decades ago.

We already have a few bags featuring this beautiful fabric, though the photos are not ready yet. But I can tell you, they are beyond beautiful. I am already using one of them and I really love it. Hopefully we will be uploading the photos next week so you can see them and see it for yourself.


Have a nice week!

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